FAQ – Austrian Jetshop




How can I buy a product?

If you like a product and want to buy it, click on the desired product and then click on “Add to Cart“. The product will be automatically added to your cart which you can see by clicking on the cart icon in the top right corner. Once you are done with your shopping, just click on the cart icon and go to checkout.

How can I delete an item from the cart?

You can easily manage the items in your cart. Click on the cart icon on the top right corner and then click on see my cart. On your cart page, you can delete items or change quantities as you wish.     

Do I need to create an account to shop on the Austrian Jetshop website?

No, there is no need to create an account to complete your purchase. Within the checkout process, you may select the option to check out as a guest rather than signing in. However, having an Austrian Jetshop account allows you to experience a faster checkout process since your contact, shipping, and payment details will be saved and ready for your next purchase. You will also be able to track your current orders, view your previous order history, view your gift card balance, create and share a wish list and receive email updates featuring our latest arrivals, collections, promotions, and exclusives if you so wish.


How can I pay for my order?

  • PAYPAL: Use your PayPal account for secure payment. At the end of the order process you will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can log in with your PayPal account details and confirm your payment. Your PayPal account will be charged immediately upon receipt of the order, the payment will be booked within a few minutes in our system and there will be no waiting in the processing of your order.
  • CREDIT CARD: Use your VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card for secure payment! To do this, click on any credit card symbol below the PayPal button. Now enter your credit card details as usual.
  • Is the payment process safe?

    We use only HTTPS security protocols and SSL encryption protocols to transmit payment information and personal information that protect your privacy and prevent misuse by third parties. Your payment process in the Austrian Jetshop is therefore absolutely secure.


    How long does delivery take?


    Delivery Time


    1-2 business days


    2-3 business days

    all other EU countries

    3-5 business days

    What to do if I have delivery issues?

    If you have any delivery issues, please contact us directly per email or phone. 

    Email: support@welcome.co.at

    How does the "Flex Delivery Service" work?

    Through this additional service, you receive a delivery notification by email and may opt for one of the following options:

  • You do not respond to the e-mail and the package is delivered, but if no recipient is present, the deposit will be at the nearest parcel shop.
  • If you respond to the mail, you can change the delivery day and the delivery address or arrange a deposit at a desired package shop.
  • How can I track my package?

    Via Tracking Service you can track the current shipping status of your order. With the tracking number you receive from us via mail, you can track your order about 24 hours after receiving the shipping confirmation. This keeps you up to date on where your package is.

    What should I do if the package has disappeared?

    If your package has not arrived after 1 week and has not been delivered to your neighbor, then contact us. We will then check the whereabouts of your package and, if necessary, issue a search request. We will inform you immediately if the package has to be sent a second time in the specific case.

    What if I was not home for delivery?

    If you have not been home to deliver your package, there are two options:

  • A second delivery attempt can be made by the parcel service.
  • You will receive a notification that your parcel could not be delivered and was therefore deposited at the nearest post office. Otherwise, simply use the possibility in the ordering process to specify a delivery address that deviates from your usual address. Thus, your package can for example be delivered to your workplace.


    When and how can I return the goods?

    For information about return, please refer to our Return Policy. 

    How does the return of my package work?

    You will receive per email a link to your return receipt and invoice. Please fill it out completely and attach it to your return parcel, so that we can assign your returns immediately and handle them as quickly as possible. If something is missing contrary to expectations, then please contact us by e-mail at support@welcome.co.at, we will gladly help you with your request.

    How do I get my money back?

    The already paid purchase price will be refunded immediately. When paying with PayPal you will receive a credit to your PayPal account from us. On request, the purchase price can be credited to your exchange as a credit.

    Of course, once your refund has been made, you will receive a notification by email confirming the refund of your return.

    When are we entitled to withdraw from the order?

    We agree to accept your order according to the terms of the website. In the case of typing, printing and calculation errors on the website, we are entitled to resign.

    All offers are valid while stocks last. If our supplier does not deliver the ordered goods despite a contractual obligation, we are also entitled to withdraw. In this case, you will be informed immediately that the ordered product is not available. The already paid purchase price will be refunded to you immediately.

    When do we have to provide a remedy or replacement?

    If there is a defect in the purchased goods that we are responsible for, we are entitled to choose whether to remedy the defect or to replace the goods. If we are not willing or able to remedy the defect or if it is delayed beyond a reasonable period of time for reasons for which we are responsible or if the remedy of defects / replacement fails in any other way, you are entitled to choose to withdraw from the contract or to demand a corresponding reduction of the purchase price.

    Unless otherwise stated below, further claims of the customer, regardless of the legal grounds, are excluded. We are therefore not liable for damages that did not occur on the delivery item itself; In particular, we are not liable for lost profits or other pecuniary losses of the customer

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